It’s the biggest daily increase in Ireland to date.

Thirteen deaths have occurred as a result of Covid-19 in Ireland today bringing the total death toll here to 98, Dr Tony Holohan has announced.

Meanwhile 402 new cases of the virus have been confirmed, meaning 3,849 cases are confirmed in the republic.

Of those who died nine were males, and four were female.

Nine were in the east, one in the south, and three in the west of the country, the median age of the people who died was 92.

Of the confirmed cases, 48% are male and 50% are female (2% is ‘not recorded’), the median age of confirmed cases is 48 years

There were six further deaths in Northern Ireland today, which mean there are now 134 deaths and 4,623 confirmed cases on the island of Ireland.

Encouraging signs.

In better news, Dr Tony Holohan says we are seeing an improvement in terms of the growth rate of overall cases, and that the curve is flattening.

He says the curve needs to flatten further, and with the measures brought in last week it’s hoped that it will.