The government is considering them as proof of vaccination.

Vaccine certificates could be needed for social gatherings or to go to sporting events.

The government’s considering introducing them as proof someone has been vaccinated against Covid-19.

The certs are being considered for EU air travel, but may also be used to allow for greater attendance numbers at events.

If approved next week, doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine may arrive into the country within the next two weeks.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says they’re still deciding what form the vaccine certs will take.

”When we have recommendations from the experts on the appropriate use of it”, he said.

”Obviously then we can decide what’s the easiest and most secure thing to do, in terms of whether it’s paper based or card based for example like our drivers licence.

”Or is it a digital certificate that you’d have to submit to an airline before being able to book a flight”.

Decisions on who will receive the vaccine will depend on how many doses Ireland gets, he added.

He explained that the European Medicines Agency is bringing forward its vaccine decision to 21 December which means Ireland could be looking at the start of vaccinations before the new year, or very early in 2021.