Good news for vegans in Ireland, as our capital city has been named the most vegan friendly city in the world.



If you like to live a vegan lifestyle, then Dublin is a good place to do it.

Research carried out by Hayes & Jarvis suggests that our capital city is the most vegan friendly in the world.

The survey found more than one in five local restaurants in Dublin offer dishes that are suitable for vegans.

However Sandra Higgins, who’s the director of of Go Vegan World and Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, is disputing this title being given to Dublin.

“I definitely don’t agree that Dublin is the most vegan friendly city in the world, not at all, a lot of cities are way ahead.  Having said that there [have been] very welcome improvements in the last four or five years, with vegan options and an increase in the number of 100 per cent plant-based restaurants.”

Sandra also says that such a lifestyle is about more than just food.

“Veganism is not just a plant diet, it’s not just about the food we eat.  In general it’s about the way we relate to other animals.”