vegan campaign

(Source: Public Domain Pictures)

Yes, you read that right.

A new study has revealed that over half of Irish vegans claim they’ll only get into a romantic relationship with someone who has the same dietary choices as they do.

The research looks at the tensions that food choices such as being vegan, or a carnivore can create in relationships and how much of a romantic deal-breaker it really is.

Just under a fifth of people admit they have, or would, dump someone because they were vegan.

However, all is not lost when it comes to love. Almost a third (31%) of Irish people said they would try switching to a plant-based diet for a loved one.

Amazingly, 16% admitted they have pretended to be a vegan or vegetarian to impress a prospective partner.

The research was carried out by Subway, to coincide with the launch of their new T.L.C (Tastes Like Chicken) Sub and Vegan Double Chocolate Cookie.