The country has been praised by the WHO.

As Europe, the US and indeed most of the world fight against the coronavirus, there is one country providing a rare success story.

After recording it’s first case of the virus back in January, Vietnam has only had 270 active cases since, and to date, no one has died from it according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Understandably, their handling of the crisis has earned them praise from the organisation.

In comparison, United States’ death toll has soared past 61,000, officially surpassing total American causalities in the Vietnam War.
The country, which shares a border with China, took action as soon as the first death was recorded in Wuhan on January 11th.
The government restricted travel, tightened borders, and discussed with WHO officials on what steps they should take next.
An open and honest dialogue was opened between government and citizens.
And on February 1 they closed their borders to international arrivals, airports started implementing temperature screenings and also introduced health declaration forms.
A national lockdown also began on April 1st, banning public gatherings of 20 or more people.
And evidently, these measures have so far proved effective in slowing the spread of the disease in Vietnam.