Getting intimate with cows can have “serious consequences”.

A number of European countries are warning residents not to participate in the Cow Kissing Challenge.

The latest bizarre internet challenge was launched as a charity drive by the app Castl earlier this week.

Castl, which touts itself as a “challenge community”, is urging users in Austria, Germany and Switzerland to kiss cows “with or without tongue”.

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But politicians and farm experts have warned that approaching a cow, especially one with calves nearby, could lead to trampling or worse.

Austria’s minister for sustainability and tourism, Elisabeth Köstinger, slammed the #KuhKussChallenge.

She took to Twitter to caution that pastures are “are not petting zoos” and that trying to kiss cows could have “serious consequences.”

“Actions like this is dangerous nonsense. I don’t understand a challenge of this kind!”


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