Raven mad!

A crow shocked a tourist in the UK by asking her “Y’alright love?”.

Lisa Brooks and her husband Mark were on a trip to Knaresborough Castle in Yorkshire when she spotted the bird chatting to people on the grounds.

The 43 year old wandered over to the black and white animal – known as a pied crow – and couldn’t believe it when it greeted her in a strong Yorkshire accent.

Speaking the Metro, Lisa admitted she thought it was her partner joking:

“At first I thought it was Mark messing around but after a few minutes I realised it was the bird. I found it absolutely hilarious. It must be a local – it has a proper Yorkshire accent.”

“We’re were there for 15 minutes and it switched between saying “darling” and “love”. Other people started coming over and were just in shock. I don’t think anyone has seen a talking crow before – let alone one with a thick Yorkshire accent.”

Cover image via Kash Em on YouTube