Video via: The Local 

The Marathon Du Medoc looks like the ultimate craic!

It’s no secret the French love their Wine… and who could blame them? France is of course home to some of the most famous Vineyards in the world.

In fact so much do the French love their wine, they’ve created an event which combines “wine, sports, fun and health.” 

The Marathon Du Medoc is an annual 42-kilometre race with a difference.

All entrants in the scenic race are required to wear fancy dress – and are expected to indulge in 23-glasses of vintages wine en route.

While also stuffing themselves with local specialities such as oysters, foie gras, cheese, steak and ice-cream. Now that’s a marathon we could get behind.

The race began in 1985 and regularly attracts over 10,000 participants. And we think Ireland could certainly do with something similar…

The Buckfast battle perhaps? We can only dream…

If you’re keen in taking part in the Marathon Du Medoc this year, you can register HERE.