“No, no! Put it back!”

A Labour MP has been booted out of the House of Commons after picking up a ceremonial mace.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle held the mace aloft and walked towards the doors in protest at the postponement of the vote on Brexit.

The mace is the symbol of royal authority and without it neither the Commons or Lords can meet or pass laws.

Russell-Moyle was stopped by officials and he handed over the mace without incident.

However, Conservative Party MPs called for him to be ejected and the Speaker of the House ordered him to leave.

Speaking after the incident, the MP for Kemptown and Peacehaven said:

“Thankfully they haven’t locked me in the Tower of London but if they had I’d expect May (Theresa) to be in the cell next to me for her treatment of Parliament today.”

“I’m allowed back tomorrow after my symbolic protest against this government, wish May wasn’t allowed back.”