Everyone gets into the Christmas spirit differently…

How do you spread your Christmas cheer?

Do you put up a tree? Hang lights on your house? Sing carols?

Or do you dress up like a man-elf and start pillow fights?

If your name is Boston firefighter Brendan Sullivan, it’s definitely the last one.

Mr Sullivan has a love for the hit Will Ferrell movie Elf, so he decided to bring it to life.

“My brother Ryan and I wanted to make a funny video… don’t ask me why but I already had a Buddy the Elf costume so we added that to the idea,” Mr Sullivan said.

“As we were trying to come up with ideas on how to engage with the public, pillow fighting stuck out so we tried it,” He told NBC.

So the pair hit the streets of Boston to challenge unsuspecting passers-by to pillow fights.

They posted the video online on Tuesday, and it went viral, with more than 10 million views in just two days.

Mr Sullivan said he had made short comedies in the past, with the most popular only reaching around 3000 views. So when this video took off, he said he was blown away.

“We went from small town kids to Ellen DeGeneres, hopefully,” he laughed.

He also said he enjoyed his new found fame – being known as the man spreading Christmas cheer throughout Boston, and the world.

“I feel like Santa Claus when you say it like that, or even better, BUDDY THE ELF!” he said.

Fair play to him!