”We don’t want to host murderers at our wedding which is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives”.

A vegan bride-to-be has revealed she wont be allowing any meat-eating members of her family to be part of her special day.

The bride-to-be took to Reddit where she wrote she was being ‘guilt-tripped’ into inviting some ‘omnivores’ to her ‘fully vegan wedding’.

‘Just for some context, some family members were told they are not invited to my wedding because we don’t want to host murderers at our wedding which is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives,’ she wrote.

The post which has been shared on Facebook has sent social media into a frenzy with many – including vegans – saying how outraged they were by the woman’s stance.

One commented said as a vegan herself, she didn’t see why there should be a problem inviting non-vegans to a wedding.

‘You can still invite non-vegans if you’re having a vegan wedding. If they are not eating meat there, what difference does it make?,’ she posted.

‘Does she refuse to ever see them because they are murderers? If not, why pick her wedding day to be the day she “refuses to host murderers”.’

Image: Reddit.

Other commentators were quick to pint out that the definition of omnivore (able to eat meant and plants) meant it was possible to host a vegan wedding without having to ban attendees.

‘Silly vegan,’ someone wrote.

‘Being an omnivore doesn’t make one unable to eat vegan food. That attitude tho [sic] would keep me from attending.’

A second commenter added: ‘By definition, an omnivore eats all kinds of food, that includes vegetables.

‘They can go the day without meat or dairy products. And most of them would be happy to do so, if you just didn’t call them murderers.’

Reflects badly on vegans as a whole.

There were also many who remarked the bride’s stance reflected badly on vegans as a whole.

One woman wrote: ‘Unless they are planning on showing up with bucket-loads of KFC, this person is batsh*t crazy.

‘Does she really not associate at all with people who aren’t vegan? Because that’s at least 95 per cent of the world’s population.’

Another chimed in saying: ‘Christ I hate vegans that do sh*t like this. Being vegan isn’t a personality trait.’