What’s wrong with an Apple watch at a wedding?

Image via Pixabay.com

It’s understandable to want to make sure every second of your wedding is absolutely perfect.

It’s the culmination of months and years of hard work, bookings, clothes shopping and invite lists.

But how far is too far when it comes to make sure everything is just the way you like it.

One couple’s list of rules for their big day is going viral on Reddit and they’re very specific.

What exactly they have against rubber bands and apple watches, we’ll never know.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

No sneaking glow sticks into the wedding? Why would anyone think to do that?!

The flip-flop rule is particularly strange, as one commented points out:

But the strangest point of all is the last one – “questions, comments, concerns … not allowed”

We get it, you’re the main character, no need to be rude!