Awkward… Source: Reddit.

You can’t be doing this…

A wedding is by nature about the people getting married.

It’s a night of celebration, where the newlyweds would have forked out tens of thousands of euro to make sure everyone there is fed, and has enough to drink until the wee hours.

So when you’re at a wedding, it could be considered slightly rude to suddenly hijack the celebrations, and make a grand declaration of your own love – without the knowledge of the bride and groom.

But that’s exactly what a wedding guest in the US did according to a Reddit thread, when a guest decided to ignore the age old unspoken rule and drunkenly proposed to the love of his life in front of a crowd of strangers.

The original post, uploaded by a user called Sam, features a photo at a wedding, understood to have taken place last year.

Sam ironically captioned the post: “A perfect time to propose. (bridesmaid’s friend’s wedding)”

The wedding is understood to have taken place last year, the post shows a photo of a man in a grey suit and perfectly matching patent leather shoes on bended knee holding a ring box. The woman, who happens to be a bridesmaid is standing there with a look of shock splashed across her face:

A perfect time to propose. ( bridesmaids friends wedding) from r/trashy

No idea.

According to Sam, the newlyweds had absolutely no idea that the big day was about to become about another couple’s affections.

“The guy didn’t even ask the married couple,” he wrote.

“So I would argue this is a bit past rude.”

The photo sparked more than 1400 comments from people who called it a “d*ck move” and “completely selfish”, saying the proposal was a cheap, tacky way to steal attention away from the actual newlyweds.

”I’ll go into labour at your baby shower”.

Some redditors joked with their friends that they would steal their thunder in a similar way, ”I’ll go into labour at your bridal party”, one wrote.

”If you propose at my wedding I’ll die at your funeral, dont test me…” said another.

“Most awkward thing I’ve ever seen”.

However most people were furious with the newly engaged couple, claiming “people like that are the worst”.

“This is probably the most low and deceitful thing you can do at one of your friends weddings,” one user wrote.

“Stealing somebody else’s thunder that they spent years planning is nothing short of a d*ck move.”

Another user told the group they had been to a wedding where a similar proposal had occurred.

“It was the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen,” they wrote.

“After 2 minutes, everyone totally ignored the engagement and went back to the wedding and the new fiances left soon after, because no one was giving them attention.”

Others claimed the proposal came off as “really, really cheap”.

“Whether or not it’s the intention, everyone there just sees it as piggybacking off an occasion that’s already happening, for free, for you,” one person reasoned.

We think it’s pretty clear, if you were perhaps thinking of popping the question to your significant other at someone else’s wedding, perhaps don’t.