We love a bit of online controversy, don’t we?

A TikTok user/ YouTuber has gone viral after uploading a TikTok which showed him buying the US equivalent of a ‘Where’s Wally’ book, before photoshopping Wally out of every. single. page.

After doing the deed and painstakingly pasting the de-wally’d sections back in, Blake Messick then goes right back to where he bought the book, puts it back on the shelf, and walks away.

Can you imagine the frustration of the next person who gets that book, only to spend the rest of their life searching every millimetre of the pages to find a Wally that isn’t there?

We all know how annoying it can be at the best of times, when there is actually something to find!

Have a look at the video below:



It caused a bit of a storm on Twitter anyway, but it wasn’t all bad:

But of course, its fair to say others weren’t happy: