Do you fancy winning a 100-euro one 4 all voucher?


All you have to do is simply recreate one of the below make up Halloween looks and send a snap of it to @thisisiRadio!

All thanks to Fanta, who have launched their own exclusive snapchat filters on Fanta cans for the month of October.

The lucky winner will be chosen on Monday the 23rd of October!

*Entrants must be over 16 year of age

Halloween looks with Blá Murphy 2

Pumpkin Look Step by Step Guide:

1- Fill in brow

2- apply eye base

3- apply orange eyeshadow on outer corner and into the crease & blend

4- apply burnt orange on outer corner and crease

5- apply black on outer corner

6- use concealer to cut the crease

7- apply duo glue and then glitter to lid

8- apply winged liner

9- apply lashes

10- apply foundation & powder

11- apply bronzer

12- apply Highlighter

13- apply orange face paint to the face where the pumpkin will be

14- draw out the eye with a triangle, nose with a skull like nose and pumpkin mouth in black and fill in

15- draw curves down the face with brown eye liner

16- use brown eyeshadow to blend lines

17- apply white & yellow to highlight centre

18- use eyeliner to draw cracks from eyes

19- outline the pumpkin with black and blend edges

20- apply lipstick

Fanta Halloween looks with Blá Murphy

Sugar Skull Look Step by Step Guide:

1- apply white face paint to whole face

2- draw circles around eyes with black and fill In

3- use orange to do a flower effect around both circles & fill in

4- then outline them in black

5- draw on skull nose

6- put orange on lips

7- use black to finish the mouth with skull like effects

8- use orange to do half an orange on top on forehead

9- outline in black

10- use black to draw designs on face