100 Day Dress Challenge.

We all know someone who hoards festival bands on their wrists.. but imagine keeping the same item of clothing on for 100 days.

52-year-old Sarah Robbins-Cole has done the unthinkable. Sarah wore the same dress for 100 days in-a-row.

Now you’re probably feeling mixed sentiments.. you’re impressed but puzzled at the same time.  Let’s clarify.

Sarah is from Boston in the U.S. and joined a 100 Day Dress Challenge in September.

The challenge’s aim was to aim to live “without fast fashion and help save the planet.”

The dress in feature was a long-sleeved, black knee-length dress.


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It worked for the office, for walking, for lounging in and even on Christmas Day apparently.

After the experience, Sarah has said he vows never to buy clothes again.

“To my surprise, wearing the same dress for 100 days in a row didn’t take anything away from my life,” she said.

“Instead, it’s inspired me to go one step further and not to buy any new clothes or accessories between January 1, 2021, and January 1, 2022.”


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She wasn’t on her own in the challenge. Sarah, along with 250 others, took the 100-day challenge run by clothing brand Wool&.

Their aim was to change spending habits, reduce laundry load and reduce the buying of fast fashion.

But what about washing it? I mean, surely she was allowed to wash the dress after wearing it..

Well, the good news was participants could wash and dry it overnight, but still had to wear it everyday.

Ironically, those who completed the challenge won a voucher to purchase a new Wool& dress.

Nonetheless, it’s an achievement and a half!


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