British woman Lisa Foxtrot takes her taxidermy fox everywhere she goes.

The stuffed baby fox was given to her as a Christmas present two years ago.

She called him Baby Jesus and pushes him around in a pram; taking him to the shops, restaurants and even on nights out.

But in the interview with the Metro, Lisa says she receives very little criticism from people:

“I’ve had more backlash for his name than I have had for the fact I am carrying a taxidermy baby fox around with me. There was no negativity or ridicule involved in the choice. I am Catholic and would not disrespect any religious beliefs, it’s simply because he was a Christmas baby and I wanted to celebrate that.

I do take him absolutely everywhere and I do get some strange looks – people often ask me what he is and why I have him, but once I explain his history and what he’s about, people are really positive.

Baby Jesus was roadkill and unfortunately died accidentally, but he’s been preserved instead of decomposing on the side of the road.”

Lisa seems to be having great craic with Baby Jesus. She’s dressed him up as celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder and Gemma Collins. And he seems to be gathering quite a following on social media.

Cover image and images on Facebook and Twitter via @babyjesusfox on Instagram