We love a good salon blowdry and will try to make it last for as long as possible.

However, while we’re using dry shampoo for the third day in a row, women in the US are turning to Botox to extend their blowdries.

Salons across the States are reportedly offering the ‘Blowtox’ which involves a blowdry and Botox injections into the scalp.

It may sound pretty invasive (and vain) but the procedure is allegedly semi medical.

The anti-wrinkle injection, which was first used to reduce excessive sweating, is used to block sweat glands in the scalp.

If you’re super sweaty, you’ll know a blowdry doesn’t last, especially if you exercise.

Dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry told Us Weekly that Botox effectively preserves the hair:

“I had a number of patients that were resistant to working out because they didn’t want to ruin their hairstyle or blowout. It makes a huge difference for the working woman who wants to be fit but still look great. This is particularly relevant for those with curly hair who may already have difficulty in maintaining a blowdry.”