Have you found yourself saying these words in 2018?


Collins Dictionary has revealed its top ten words of the year.

Lexicographers, that’s a person who compiles dictionaries, have been busy monitoring new and notable words.

The annual list has been unveiled and “single-use” has been declared 2018’s word of the year.

Collins Dictionary’s defined single-use as “a term that describes items whose unchecked proliferation are blamed for damaging the environment and affecting the food chain”.

The Guardian reports that news stories and the BBC’s Blue Planet II have raised awareness of the issue of one-time use plastic.

The word “pogging” is also a nod to environmentalism, while politics and sport led to the rise of new words in 2018 as well.

Check out the full list below:

Single-use –  products, often plastic, that are made to be used once only before disposal

Backstop – a system that will come into effect if no other arrangement is made

Floss – the victory dance performed in the video game Fortnite

Gammon – a person, typically male, middle-aged and white, with reactionary views, especially one who supports the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union

Gaslight – to attempt to manipulate (a person) by continually presenting them with false information until they doubt their sanity

MeToo – denoting a cultural movement that seeks to expose and eradicate predatory sexual behaviour, especially in the workplace

Plogging –  a Scandinavian craze in which joggers also pick up litter

VAR – abbreviation for video assistant referee

Vegan – a person who refrains from using any animal product whatever for food, clothing, or any other purpose

Whitewash – to cast a white actor in the role of (a character from a minority ethnic group) or to produce (a film or play) using white actors to play characters from a minority ethnic group