We’ll get by with a little help from our (work) friends.


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A new survey shows more than half of workers say strong friendships in the workplace help them to perform better.

The study has also found that a whopping 74 percent of people say it improves their general mood.

Sassann McCarthy from Jobs.ie, which carried out the research, says the importance of getting on with your workmates can sometimes be overlooked:

“The harsh reality is that we spend about a third of our day working, five days a week at least, so don’t you want to do that surrounded by people you get on with and that you have good relationships with?”

Based on 2,770 employees, the survey found that 12 percent said workplace friendships have an influence on how long they stay with the company, while 69 per cent would like their employers to organise more regular social events.

Sassann says that does not have to mean a trip to the pub:

“I know a lot of us do love a drink on a Friday night to celebrate but there’s also various sports, social and wellness clubs throughout different companies in Ireland at the moment and I think the more a company can be seen to invest in looking after its employees’ health and well-being, the better.”

According to the research, half of employees only ever socialise with colleagues on special occasions, such as Christmas parties, leaving drinks or retirement drinks.

Meanwhile a HR expert has pointed out how good friendships between colleagues can be good for employers.

Caroline McEnery from The HR Suite says there needs to be more face-to-face interaction in the workplace:

“We all know that if you’re asking somebody for a helping hand…there’s a way bigger chance that that person is going to be collaborative and helpful if you’ve built up a bit of a bank of friendship with that person.  There’s definitely a big benefit in that positivity and that camaraderie between the colleagues in the work environment.”