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With office working very much back with a bang, the financial pressures on workers have only increased, since the lifting of Covid restrictions.

The latest Taxpayer Sentiment Survey has revealed over half (55%) of employees said being back working in the office worked out as more expensive.

Meanwhile, a third of respondents said they thought it worked out similar to the cost of working from home.

And 14% actually felt the work from home scenario was more costly.

Barry Cahill, Director of’s Employee Financial Wellbeing Service has said:

“This stands to reason, as the expenses incurred going into the office every day can stack up pretty quickly – the cost of commuting is the obvious one, and probably the most significant, for most people, but there are also the costs of lunches, coffees, even “work clothes” adding to the bill.”

“While far fewer people – 14% – felt that working from home was more financially demanding, there are no doubt still expenses incurred with a home office.

“For example, utility bills will be higher, particularly in the winter when the heating is on more.”