Mi Play costs just 160 US Dollars

The hottest new Smartphone has just set a Guinness World Record – but it may never be available in Ireland!

Indeed, the Mi Play, which costs just 160 US Dollars, might not make it to the USA or other international markets.

That’s because it’s creator Chinese company Xiaomi focuses on local Asian markets first.

The phone boasts an all-screen screen with a minimal notch.

To promote the new handset Xiaomi created a huge dynamic display in the shape of a Christmas tree at a shopping centre in China.

The display with its 1,005 units smashed the previous Guinness World Record of 504.

Not only did the feature work as a display, but it also provides Wi-Fi access to shoppers, acting as a mobile hotspot.

It took a team of people 12 hours to assemble, with synchronising the phones the toughest part of the display to get right.

Assemblers needed to get all the units to show the same image at the same time.

Xiaomi Chief Executive Lei Jun placed the final phone on the display.

It’s the third time that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has claimed a Guinness World Record.

Previously it used 9,690 bulbs for a mosaic made up of lights in the design of Xiaomi’s Mi logo at it’s new head office in Bengaluru, India.

It also claimed a record when it opened 500 Mi stores in India in late October.