It’s just a casual 276 feet high…

Frontline workers will be getting new consignments of PPE after 900 thousand medical gowns arrived from China today.

They were transported on the world’s largest plane which landed at Shannon airport this afternoon.

The plane, is a 276-foot aircraft called the Antonov An-225, which was originally designed by the then Soviet Union’s Antonov Design Bureau in the 1980s.

Powered by six engines, it is able to take off with a maximum weight of 640

Shannon Airport’s Director of Operations Niall Maloney said the plane’s arrival marked a “big day” for the area.

“As a country, we have suffered over the last 10 weeks in terms of the impact of the COVID pandemic on the country,” he said.

“Aviation in particular has been seriously hit during this period of time. We are a small airport; it is a struggle and something like this is very serious for employment and the likes.

“But to be fair, as a community, what we committed to doing was to keep this airport open so we can make out contribution towards the COVID-19 pandemic.