Not for the feint hearted!

Gin lovers enjoy a stiff drink every now and then, but Kent based company Anno Gin has taken things to another level with the release of the world’s strongest gin with an alcohol by volume of a massive 95%.

The gin is flavoured with fennel, coriander, nutmeg and liquorice, and even has a warning label on the front so people don’t accidentally confuse it for ‘regular’ booze.

Writing on their website, the company said: ‘Developed by scientists with a taste for adventure and pushing the limits of possibility, Anno Extreme 95 Gin was produced with one goal in mind – to create “the spirit of alchemy”.

‘A gin that packs more punch and flavour, drop for drop, than any other spirit in the world. We use an extended distillation with a mix of steeped and vapour infused botanicals to extract huge flavour, packed into a 20cl bottle.’

According to Anno, you can pour just 5ml of their Extreme 95 into your mixer, and it’ll taste just the same as a regular serve.

Or, a full 25ml measure will give you ‘a huge botanical hit with a higher strength’.