The horror! Source: Twitter

Teen sends mum photos of new bedroom but forgets to hide a sex toy.

A teenager has been left extremely red faced after she sent her mum a picture of her new bedroom, but forgot to remove something very x-rated.

A horrified Ella Martine, from California, took to Twitter to reveal her “stupid” X-rated mistake that was only pointed out when her mum texted back.

“Mum’s been asking for pics of my new room … finally sent one … I’m so stupid,” she wrote.

Accompanying the tweet were two photos, one she sent her mum — and another zoomed in to reveal something clipped to her wooden-framed bedhead.

“Nice!,” she texted back, along with a thumbs up emoji.

But then a second and a third message came.

“Except for the handcuffs???

“What’s up with that?”

Oh dear. Source: Twitter

Understandably the tweet quickly went viral, as scores of people found the situation completely hilarious.

Ella Martine couldn’t believe her mistake. Source: Twitter.

Here’s how she tried to explain her way out of the awkward scenario:

In a very creative attempt to explain the handcuffs, Ella told her mum they were props from her roomates ‘short film.’

Others gave hilarious suggestions for Ella to explain the cuffs away.

“Gotta prevent sleep walking somehow,” one woman wrote.

Another person added: “Always triple check your work before submitting.”

“OMG never leave the evidence,” said one woman.

But it seems Ella’s mum didn’t see the funny side, as a series of texts revealed she instructed her daughter to “remove them”, slamming them as “super tacky”.


Not amused. Source: Twitter