Could you handle the stodge?

We can all agree that garlic bread is a top tier bit of grub.

On it’s own or with any dish, it’s a delicious treat and excellent comfort food.

But what about a slightly alternative recipe, featuring another household favourite in place of the actual bread?

Yorkshire pudding – just bear with us here!

Food Made Simple on TikTok has posted their rendition using garlic butter and cheese and people seem to be on board.

@foodmadesimple #foodmadesimple #food #yum #foodtok #familyrecipe #hello2022 ♬ Wifey Riddim – AJ Tracey

It all happens pretty fast in the video itself, but the process seems fairly simple.

Stack your Yorkshires with a slice of cheese and a roll of garlic butter between each layer.

Press down and bake.

Could you handle it, and more importantly do you think this could be better than garlic bread?