The ideal Valentine’s present, really.


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There’s nothing worse than that dead arm when you’re the big spoon.

How do you yank it out gracefully? Should you run the risk of waking the other person? Or just accept your dead arm fate for the rest of the night?

Well worry no more because a new invention will eradicate all of that worry.

A new pillow called the Coodle Pillow will give you that good night’s sleep without the numb arm.

The company is based in the States and have designed what they describe as a “revolutionary patented brace design system”.

They added that it “completely prevents the weight of your head or your cuddle partner’s head from squashing your arm”.

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However, it’s not just for couples.

The Coddle Pillow can also be used to prop your head up when watching telly or when you need to take a nap at the desk or dinner table. Handy!