“Do you want to tap?”

A phrase you should know well if you have a credit or debit card.

Contactless payment has made our lives so much easier, but things are about to get even easier…and a little futuristic!

Facial Recognition Technology is being used in China, which lets you purchase items by taking a selfie with your thumb up.

So, no need for cards! Or your phone or Apple Watch.

British photographer Dan Wolfe, who’s on holidays in China, has posted a video showing how the technology is in place in parts of the country.

In the clip, he demonstrates how it works when he purchases drinks and a snack in a shop in the the northwest city of Guangzhou.

To use the Facial Recognition Technology, you have to sign up to the cashless payment app WeChat.

Transactions take only 0.3 seconds to be processed and have an accuracy of 95 per cent.

Handy if you leave your wallet at home!

Cover image via Dan Wolfe on YouTube