Baz discusses Family Matters With

Aidan & Oonagh in the morning

Baz Ashmawy (50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy, Wingman) has a brand new stage show called Family Matters and he came on live to chat with Aidan and Oonagh in the morning about it.

Listen back to their chat in the podcast link below

About Family Matters

Baz takes a comic look back at his childhood as an Irish Egyptian living in working class Dublin, raised by his single mother Nancy – who then found fame in her 70s- and his desire to find a way out and create a life of his own and to “fit in and belong”. Now as father to six kids, Baz has a unique perspective on their upbringing versus his own. A natural comic storyteller, Baz has been making people laugh since long before he was on TV.
Baz has returned to stage when he was doing Wingman, when he helped a dairy farmer in Louth put up a 2-man play “The Quiet Land” by Malachy McKenna. Baz had great fun being on stage again, and that’s why he started this little stage tour in Feb/March, and hopefully more dates and other venues to follow.

Baz on Social & tour info

To find more about venues, dates, and tickets, go to or checkout Baz’s social media platforms Facebook/Instagram: @bashmawy and Twitter @bazashmawy”