The Bop Bop Bus is coming and...

Dave & Fionnuala

The Bop Bop Bus is coming and we want you to hop on board!

Aine Gillespie
Aine Gillespie

03:13 10 May 2024

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This summer we're teaming up with Foróige Amplified Festival.
You and your Foróige clubmates could be rolling up to the festival in style on the all-new iRadio Bop Bop Bus.
The Bop Bop Bus will pick you and your crew up straight from your club, whisk you to the festival, and then bring you back safely afterwards. Talk about VIP treatment!
The festival kicks off at 6 pm and runs right through to 1 am.
iRadio's Dave Duke and Steven Cooper will be performing on the Main Stage on the night, while Sharron Lynskey pumps out the tunes at The Silent Disco and The Sound Shack.

How to win:

Head over to @thisisiRadio on TikTok and create your own video using the sound of The Bop Bop Bus theme song pinned at the top of our profile.

Don't forget to mention what Foróige club you are from and you could be heading to the Foróige Amplified Festival on the iRadio Bop Bop bus.

Tune in to Dave and Fionnula next week from 3 pm for more.

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