The Kardashians’ epic photo sh...


The Kardashians’ epic photo shop fail

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

03:47 2 Apr 2019

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Can you spot the Photoshop? Source: Instagram

Fans of the famous family were quick to point out the flaws in their latest photo shoot, so can you spot them?

Another day, another Kardashian Photoshop fail... and this time it's over the promo shoot for their 16th TV series.

The image shared on Instagram by Kim, shows all five sisters with mum Kris in typically lavish surrounds.

But no sooner was the image posted online, it was picked apart by keen eyed fans.


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Our Sweet 16! Can’t believe Keeping Up With the Kardashians is premiering our 16th season tonight! Be sure to tune into E!

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What are the issues? Well according to online community:

  • The lower half of Khloé’s body appears to have disappeared. 
  • Kendall looks like she’d been Photoshopped into the image.
  • And Kourtney’s foot was Photoshopped to unintentionally give her six toes.

“Where is Khloe’s lower half of her body?” asked one fan, while another said: “What’s up with Kourtney’s left foot?”

“Kourtney has six toes,” added another.

“Kendall looks like she was just stuck onto the picture HAHAHAHA.”

Another fan said Kendall was “looking like a tripped over mannequin” and couldn’t make it so they “stuck her onto the picture”.

Fans pointed out Khloe’s lower body was ‘missing’, Kendall looked as though she was Photoshopped in and Kourtney had six toes. Source: Instagram

Then there were those who came to the family’s defence, pointing out Khloe’s lower body “disappearing act” is simply because she is wearing a full skirt, and that’s why it looks like the bottom half of her body is missing.

How many little piggy's can you count here? Source: Instagram

As for Kourtney’s six toes, it can’t be worse than when they accidentally put Khloe’s feet on Kylie’s body in the family Christmas card.

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