Who’d get the Irish title?

When it comes to cleanliness, we all have different values.

Some of us love everything to be pristine and in place, while others don’t mind a mess gathering and things being thrown around.

And others are somewhere in between – an organised mess if you like.

And if you are one of those messy people, we’re sure you’ve heard someone joke “if there was an award for the messiest person, you’d get first place”.

Well, maybe you can have the last laugh, as in the UK there IS such a crown to be won.

Happy Beds launched a competition looking for the Messiest child of 2021.

And it went to an 8 year old girl –  here’s a photo of her room:

Happy Beds

Happy Beds offered a prize worth £400 to any parent who could prove that their child had the least tidy room.

And apparently, Emily from Glasgow, took the crown.

We can imagine her parents are delighted now she never listened to their calls to clean her room.

We’d only love to see how such a competition would go here in Ireland.

And we wonder would any adults give Emily a run for her money?