61% of students would


61% of students would "strongly prefer" to attend co-ed schools over single-sex

Clodagh McKeon
Clodagh McKeon

11:22 30 Apr 2024

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A third of students in Ireland attend single-sex schools.

A group of school children walking in their uniforms. Image: PjrTravel / Alamy Stock Photo.

The majority of secondary school students would prefer to attend a co-ed school.

A report from the ESRI has found 61% of students would like to see all schools mixed.

A third of students in Ireland attend single-sex schools, but one third of those would "strongly prefer" to be in the classroom with the opposite gender.

Secondary school teacher Jennifer Horgan says we need to stop dividing young people.

"I'm not saying it's always good but if you have a good school that is mixed gender, I think that's better for young people.

"Education is about exposing people to difference and to the world. Unfortunately we're seeing a lot more division and so I think it's really important that we have mixed classrooms. Not just gender but religion too and whatever else."

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