Study finds two thirds of Iris...


Study finds two thirds of Irish women feel stereotyped

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

01:04 11 Mar 2019

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A study has found that two thirds of women in Ireland have felt stereotyped at one stage due to being a mother.

A further on in ten admit to feeling stereotyped all the time.

Empathy Research surveyed 1,002 adults over the age of 18 between February 25 and March 4, 2019, and found that:

  • 24% admitted to struggling with dividing their time and spending more time in work than at home
  • 28% admit to working from home after their usual hours
  • 11% admitted to regularly working from home after work for more than three nights a week
  • 55% said they spend at least half of their day with children
  • 24% said they spend the majority of their day with their children
  • 70% said they felt a stronger sense of responsibility than their partner

The research was carried out to mark the launch of Women's Way and Beko's Mum of the Year Awards 2019.

There are seven categories:

  • Inspirational mum: A nominee who has encouraged or motivated others in decision making
  • Transformational mum: A nominee who has transformed herself, her family or her community
  • Local hero: A nominee who has encouraged and helped within her community
  • Mumpreneur/social entrepreneur: A nominee who has set up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her children
  • New mum: A nominee who has recently become a mum
  • Social media mum: A nominee who has used social media for the benefit of others – charity or fundraising for example
  • Overall mum: A nominee who has channeled adversity into something positive, a true role model


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