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Know That Noise? Win Yourself Cash With The AO Show

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

07:30 25 Feb 2019

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Know that noise? Bag yourself ca$h with the AO Show

The AO Show have kicked off their brand new game 'Know That Noise' which features the AO Show virtual assistant  - iRene.

iRene has revealed a noise to the AO Show crew and we had our first people on this morning trying to guess the noise to win themselves cash.

The cash goes up by 10 euro every day that it goes unclaimed. The pot currently stands at 480 euro on Tuesday the 24th of February. 

Wanna hear that noise?

If you haven't heard the noise yet and would like to give it a guess, listen back below

Day 35 Wrong guesses

An auxiliary cable plugging in

Someone dancing

Day 34 Wrong guesses

Wooden Door

A Stamp pressing down on a piece of paper


Day 33 Wrong guesses

Industrial photocopier / photocopier

Day 32 Wrong guesses

Petrol Pump going back into holder

Dog/ Cat Flaps

Day 31 Wrong guesses

Pedal Bin Closing

Lunch Box Lid closing


Day 30 Wrong guesses

Dance steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Opening a Briefcase


Day 29

The latch on a wardrobe opening and closing

A Squash ball off a squash court

Day 28 Wrong guesses

Slapping your hands on the desk

A Ping Pong Ball bouncing

Day 27 - wrong guesses

A Treasure Chest Box closing

Needle coming off a record player


Day 25 - incorrect guesses

A coffee pod being put into a coffee machine

A bowling ball dispenser at ten pin bowling


Day 24 - incorrect guesses 

A lid on a wheelie bin opening and closing.

A basketball going through a hoop


Day 23 - incorrect guesses

Rolling A dice

A vending machine dispensing a soft drink

Day 22 - incorrect guesses 310 euros

A Catapult

A Staple Remover


Day 21 - 300 euro - Incorrect guesses;

Closing a suitcase

Someone dancing/tap dancing.

Day 20 - 290 euro. Incorrect guesses

Michael in Carlow thought it was a chalkboard duster hitting off a blackboard.

Paula reckons it was a handball hitting off a wall.

Day 19 - 280, Guesses:

A rubber stamp

A Stapler

Day 18 - 270 Euro, Guesses

Central Locking on a car

Guitar case opening and closing

Day 17 - 260 Euro, Guesses:

A Car seat moving forwards

Punching a punch bag

Day 16 - 250 Euro, Guesses:

Ring binder in a folder

Fuel Cap door on a car

Day 15 - 240 Euro, Guesses:

Attic door opening/closing

A speaker being plugged into a phone

Day 14 - 230 Euro, Guesses:

A diving board

Playing a Bodhran

Day 13 - 220 Euro Guesses:

A snooker/pool ball going in to a pocket

A car glove box opening or closing

Day 12 - 210 Euro Guesses:

Kicking a ball against a wall

Putting a book on a table

Day 11 - 200 Euro Guesses:

Irish Dancing

Fluffing a pillow

Day 10 - 190 Euro

A tennis ball being served.

A briefcase closing


Day 8 - 170 euro


Jake in Roscommon thought the noise was A front door opening and closing

Yarrel in Kildare thought it was a ball bouncing down a stairs


Day 7 - 160 euro

Lorraine (who was playing on behalf of her daughter Laura) in Ballina reckoned it was a horse trotting.

Colin in Loughrea thought it was someone opening the lid on a lunch box.

Day 6 - 150 euro

Tapping on a car door was a good guess but incorrect

Christine in Tullamore thought the noise was someone kicking a box and falling over!

Day 5 - 140 euro

Aisling, the Primary school teacher from Co. Monaghan thought the noise was a car going over a speed bump.

Martina from Sallins, Co Kildare reckoned it was a paper punch.

Day 4 - 130

Marie in Galway thought the noise was a stapler. Good guess but not correct!

Serena reckoned it was a car door closing! Oops - afraid not.


Day 3 - 120 euro

10th Jan: Martina from Crossmolina thought the noise was a box opening.

10th Jan:  Willie in Tullamore thought it might be someone going up a stairs

Day 2 - 110 euro

9th of Jan - Colin in Galway thought it might be someone taking their shoes off on a wooden floor.

9th of Jan - William in Kildare reckons it was a basketball bouncing.

Day 1 - 100 euro

8th Jan: Kicking things off, Dave in Kildare thought  the noise was that of a baggage holder door on a plane.

8th Jan: Laura from Tullamore thought it was a door in a car closing.

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