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Lilies on the Lough Set Sail To Raise Funds For Children In Crossfire!

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

07:25 6 Jul 2023

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Lilies on the Lough Sail to Support Children in Crossfire

Ahoy, mates! Get ready to set sail on a remarkable journey with the incredible crew of Lilies on the Lough. Led by the adventurous Shauna O'Neill from Derry, this group of determined sailors is embarking on an extraordinary mission to raise funds for a fantastic cause, Children in Crossfire. And guess what? They're doing it while charting a course around the stunning shores of Ireland!

Their goal is as beautiful as the sun sparkling on the ocean waves – to build two life-changing wells in Ethiopia, providing clean water to children and communities in need. We all know how important clean water is for good health, and the Lilies have taken up the challenge to tackle this crucial issue head-on.
This Saturday,  July 8, the Lilies will set sail from Fahan Marina in Donegal, kicking off an epic adventure that will take them on a voyage around Ireland. They've got their sights set on several exciting stop-offs, including Bangor, Howth, Dunmore East, Kinsale, Dingle, the Aran Islands, Clare Island, and Teelin. Talk about exploring the hidden treasures of the Emerald Isle while making a positive impact!
Of course, the Lilies know that sailing won't always be smooth sailing. But with unwavering determination and a true spirit of adventure, they're ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

How To Donate & follow the Lilies' Journey Around Eire

Now, let's talk about how YOU can get involved and support their fantastic cause! By donating to their fundraiser, you'll directly contribute to the construction of the much-needed wells in Ethiopia. Every euro raised makes a difference, especially since construction prices in Ethiopia have risen due to inflation. Together, we can make sure clean water flows freely and transforms lives.
You can join the Lilies on their adventure by following their journey on Instagram at @liliesonthelough or stay connected with Children in Crossfire at @children_in_crossfire.
Special mention must also be given to Richard Moore, the Chief Executive of Children in Crossfire, who wholeheartedly appreciates the dedication and support of the Lilies on their noble quest. To see the incredible work that Children in Crossfire does, click here

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