Lent has begun and for the next six weeks until Easter Sunday, many people around Ireland and indeed the world will be observing it in some shape or form. Aidan and Oonagh In The Morning were throwing it back to our memories of Lent growing up from fasting, to Trocaire boxes and trying to come up with fake lies to say during confessions

I’m Giving Up Chocolate And Sweets Lads (. . . for about 3 hours)

We all tried with good intentions to give up chocolate and sweets for Lent until the need for sugar kicked in! For those of us who couldn’t kick the sugar buzz, crisps and cake were also another Lenten option.

For some people like Sheamus, giving up sugar in the tea turned out to be a great job!


No Meat On Ash Wednesday Or Else. . .

Yep, you knew Lent was starting when you’d come home from school with ashes on your forehead and mammy had a plate of soggy fish fingers smothered in white sauce ready for the dinner because as we all know  – fish isn’t reeeeaaallly meat is it?!


“Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned, I didn’t Do Me Homework Yesterday”

Victoria told Aidan and Oonagh about how when she was a kid, they would try to come up with fake sins to tell the priest in confessions. Saying you were sorry for giving lip to mammy was an old reliable! Another good one was admitting you hadn’t done your homework. YOU WILL BURN IN HELL FOR THAT!


Collecting Money For Trocaire

Many of us will remember rooting through the back of the couch and our parents jackets in a desperate attempted to find 1p and 2p coins to fill up the Trocaire box before it had to be brought to church at the end of Lent. Those who were feeling flush would throw in a few 20p and 50p coins! Thanks Granny!!


If It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, Then It Doesn’t Count!

A week or two into Lent and people’s willpower was starting to fade, we were all consoled by the fact that Saint Patrick’s Day was a cheat day (for the whole family!)

According to iRadio caller Niall, it’s all good with Jesus!


Father Ted Sums It Up The Best

Of course what was even the point of doing Lent if you couldn’t brag about it to your classmates in school and make it competitive?!