McDonald's have launched their...


McDonald's have launched their new summer menu

Aine Gillespie
Aine Gillespie

03:17 15 May 2024

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Now that the weather has picked up, summer has finally arrived.

To coincide with the start of summer and all the sporting events that are taking place over the next few months, McDonald's have launched 'The Summer of Sport with McDonald's' new limited edition menu.

New items have been added to the menu but there's also the return of some of our favourites.

Image via McDonald's

McDonald's have announced there's a new burger coming called, 'The Hat Trick', which includes three beef patties, two slices, of cheese, grilled onion, mustard and ketchup all in a glazed sesame seed bun.

Fans of the restaurant will rejoice as a new and improved Garlic Mayo and Sweet & Smoky BBQ sauces are being added permanently to the menu.

Mozzarella Bites are back! as a meal is just not complete without some cheesy goodness.

Image via McDonalds

For something sweet McDonald's has launched a Skittles McFlurry which will be toppedwith a purple Skittles-flavoured sauce.

The popular Ice Latte will also make a return to the menu and permanently this time.


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