There are more fairytale dates...

Love Island

There are more fairytale dates on tonight's Love Island

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

02:26 20 Feb 2020

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Love Island is back tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.

On tonight's Love Island, Demi and Luke M and Luke T and Siannise have their final dates. Elsewhere, the Boys are given an undercover mission and the Islanders perform in the Love Island talent show.

Here's a first look at tonight's show:

Demi & Luke M and Siannise & Luke T go on their final dates

Love Island’s epic final dates continue tonight and up first is Demi and Luke M. Whisked away in the early morning, the pair are serenaded by a trio of string musicians, as they enjoy a drink under a flower-adorned canopy, which is floating on water.

Demi says: “Luke, do you know what this feels like? It feels like we’re getting married!”

Luke M: “I knew you were going to say that!”

Demi laughs: “Our second date is our wedding ceremony! This is absolutely stunning. I don’t think you can get much better than this.”

Discussing their relationship Luke M says: “I do see a future with you – we’ve been getting on so well. I do not want to date anyone else.”

Demi replies: “That’s so lovely. That’s so reassuring for me. I feel exactly the same.”

Demi admits: “I’m giddy, I’m excited!”

Later in the day, Siânnise and Luke T complete the stunning dates. And what could be more fitting for the pair than a fairy tale theme.. It’s a dream come true for Siânnise as they enjoy a private date in the grounds of a castle.

Luke T asks her: “Do you feel like a princess?”

An emotional Siânnise replies: “I really do. How lush is this? It’s literally like a fairy tale. Do you feel like a prince?”

Luke T says: “I do!”

Speaking of the way they feel, Siânnise tells Luke T: “It’s true that good things come to those who wait. I’ve always wanted the Prince Charming, the fairy tale... I never thought I’d ever find it. But I just knew with you – you are my fairy tale.”

Luke T says: “When I look at you I just feel at peace. It’s just comfort, happiness, just ease. When I’m with you I feel at home and that’s how I know.”

The Boys get an undercover mission

The Love Island boys are set a series of challenges in order to win a cocktail party for the Islanders.

Between them they must each take on a challenge, which includes convincing a girl they’re not coupled up with to give one of them a foot massage, get a kiss from each girl, trick a girl into bringing one of them five different items, convince a girl she’s got something on her face for 60 seconds, drop a girl’s sunglasses in the pool and get another girl to retrieve them and in a final group assignment somehow encourage all of the girls to get in the pool and do a handstand.

Accepting the challenge, Finn is deemed the man for the job to get a foot massage from Demi, Mike opts to get the kisses from the girls with a selfie challenge, Luke T picks Jess to convince she has something on her face, while Ched risks annoying Siânnise over dropped sunglasses and Luke M opts to turn diva on Paige and ask for items to be brought for him.

The Islanders do a Love Island talent show

It’s time for the Islanders to reveal their hidden talents as they put on their very own talent show. Mike plays the drums. Priscilla dances and appears to get the nod of approval from Siânnise who says, “She needs to teach me a few moves!”

Meanwhile, Luke M shows off his skills on the guitar, Ched and Jess put on a joint workout routine, Demi hosts a history quiz show and Luke T and Siânnise perform a dance together. While singer Paige performs Show Me Love, boyfriend Finn also shows off his pipes, dressed as a ‘shower singer’ in a towel and shower cap to serenade the Islanders with his version of Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone.

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