Paige and Finn admit they're '...

Love Island

Paige and Finn admit they're 'falling' for each other tonight

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

12:56 19 Feb 2020

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Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.

Credit: ITV

“Pucker up big boy!”

With only a few days until the final, it’s time for the remaining couples to have one final date in Cape Town.

In epic dates that will continue into tomorrow night’s episode, tonight we see Paige and Finn take to the water.

With Finn rowing them to a beautiful secluded island, the pair then discuss their feelings for each other.

Finn admits: “What I love about you is how happy you make me, you laugh all day long.”

Paige asks: “Have you caught the feels?”

Finn replies: “100%...  I just feel that living here with you 24/7, to not be with you 24/7, I’d hate it. I do maybe want to try and find a place [together]... I want to do all that stuff with. I want to take you on holiday, I want to move in with you, I want to get a wee dog with you.”

He adds: “I’ve felt feelings I didn’t think I would.”

Paige confesses: “I feel very smitten. It’s going on the right path… and maybe I’ve tripped and I’m tumbling… falling…”

Finn agrees: “I’m glad you’ve said it, it’s a strong word, I do believe like you I’ve tripped, I’m tumbling... falling.”

Paige laughs: “Pucker up big boy!”

Another one bites the dust.

Meanwhile one more couple will say goodbye to the villa tonight.

At the end of last night’s Love Island it was revealed that the Islanders had to vote to save either Callum & Molly or Mike & Priscilla.

Tonight, the Islanders discuss in their couples who they want to save and why.

As they explain to the group their decisions, one couple learns it’s time to say their goodbyes and leave the villa immediately.

Credit: ITV

Jess says Ched needs to meet twin Eve before going ‘official’.

Things are really heating up between Jess and Ched - but he has to face one major hurdle before things become official.

And that's the approval of Jess' twin, Eve.

The two will discuss the situation over champagne tonight:

Jess says: “For me to be behaving like this around someone I’ve known for two weeks… we have become so close and you haven’t even met Eve yet.”

Adding of her twin sister, Jess says: “She’ll be at the airport with a list of questions.”

Ched replies: “I’ve got all the answers.”

Being between dating and official, Jess asks: “Would you say we’re exclusive?”

Ched replies: “Of course… I feel like we should be exclusive. Nothing can break us apart now really.”

The pair return to the villa and tell the excited Islanders that they are now ‘exclusive’.

Will any other dates lead to a change in relationship status?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.

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