There'll be a new arrival to t...

Love Island

There'll be a new arrival to the Love Island villa

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

04:33 14 Jul 2021

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But will it be a boy or a girl?

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The result of last night’s public vote has sent shockwaves through the villa.

Lucinda and Brad were voted least compatible by viewers. They now must decide between themselves which goes home and which stays.

Lucinda admits: “I am in complete and utter shock.” 

As their fellow Islanders watch on, the couple discusses who will go home and who will stay in the Villa.

There's tension between Chloe and Toby

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Lucinda and Brad aren’t the only ones left with something to discuss after the public vote, as Toby vents his frustrations to Chloe.

Toby tells Chloe: “We’re f***ed. We were down there.”

Chloe says: “Course we are. Why are you surprised? Why are you taking it so personally?”

In the Beach Hut Toby says:

“In my eyes, we get on like a house on fire. If that’s not a genuine connection, then I don’t know what is. That means I’m searching for the wrong thing completely. I don’t know how the public hasn’t seen that.”

However, when chatting to Millie, Chloe says his comments have given her doubts:

“He’s so f***ing fake. I was like, ‘Why are you surprised, the public aren’t going to love us because of what happened with Kaz’. But if it’s genuine, you don’t have to worry. The fact he’s getting all moody with me because we’re bottom three… that is so fake. I’m f***ing livid.” 

The Boys and Girls compete for a new arrival

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The competition heats up in today’s challenge as Kaz reads out a text about the prize:

“Islanders, it’s time to lock horns and ruffle feathers in today’s boys versus girls challenge Stags vs Hens. Whoever wins gets a new arrival of the opposite sex #gameon #alltoplayfor”

Dressed up in classic hen and stag party outfits, the Islanders compete in games including giant flip cup and hoopla with a cheeky difference.

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Rallying the boys, Jake says: “We’re here for two lads only – Hugo and Aaron.” 

Aaron says: “I think that’s the most competitive I’ve ever seen them [the girls] – game faces on!”

Kaz adds: Girl power was through the roof!”

But who wins? And who is going to walk through the Villa door?

We'll find out tonight when Love Island continues from 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.

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