Love Island updates with Caramico Pizza.

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“Anything could happen. I’d hope it wouldn’t but I can’t really call it.”

The arrival of three new bombshells in the Love Island villa has certainly changed the game. India, Harley and Greg have all been going on dates and getting to know their fellow islanders, and tonight they’ll be asked to pick three new victims.

After their dates with Ovie and Chris, Harley and India arrive at the villa and meet the rest of the Islanders for the first time.

Meanwhile after a successful date with Amber, Limerick boy Greg heads to the villa to also meet the contestants for the first time where he tells the lads how ”good looking” he thinks she is.

However he has to pick a new girl for a date… and surprise surprise, it’s Maura.

Amber takes a shine to Greg.

Greg has just chosen Amber to join him on the Hideaway terrace for a date. Amber arrives in the Hideaway and meets Greg for the first time.

Speaking of his decision to choose Amber for a date, Greg says: “I just thought you deserved a date after all the drama that’s been happening. You deserve to be spoilt a bit.”

Amber replies: “It’s been hard. But I’ve come out the other end and I feel happier.”

Amber is keen to know what Greg is looking for in a girl. Greg says: “I’m looking for confidence. You’re obviously very confident.”

Amber later says: “I’ve never dated a rugby player before.”

Greg replies: “There is a first time for everything.”

Amber and Greg continue to get to know each other. But Amber wants to know whether Greg only has eyes for her. Amber says: “Is there anyone else you’re interested in, in the villa?”

Greg jokingly says: “Anyone else? So, you’re saying I’m interested in you?”

Amber says: “You’ve picked us for a date, so I’d like to think so!”

Greg says: “Obviously, you were first choice.”

As the date draws to a close, Amber and Greg return to the villa. Amber fills some of her fellow Islanders in on her date with Greg. Amber says: “His accent is fabulous. And he can take the banter.”

Before the Islanders head to bed, Amber says to the girls: “I’m telling you now, I haven’t liked one boy that has come in. That boy has got the luck of the Irish!”

But is Greg only interested in getting to know Amber?

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The new arrivals pick more dates.

Tonight in the villa Chris and Ovie are seen having a debrief with the other boys about their dates with the new girls. Chris is evidently blown away by India, however he may have some competition as Ovie confesses he has eyes for the newbie as well.

Equally, India has taken a fancy to Ovie. Speaking with the girls by the fire pit, India says: “Ovie is gorgeous. Ovie would normally be my type.”

After his date with Amber, Greg arrives at the villa and meets the Islanders for the first time. Some of the boys are keen to know what Greg thinks of Amber.

Greg says: “She’s [Amber] gorgeous. I didn’t realise how good looking she was.”

The next day, India receives a text, which reads: “Greg, Harley and India. Welcome to your first morning in the villa. You must now pick one person each to date this morning. Please pick the person you want to date and head out into the garden. #theearlybirdcatchestheworm”

Greg chooses Maura, Harley chooses Michael and India chooses Ovie.

Maura reflects in the Beach Hut on Greg’s decision to take her on a date. She says: “It’s kind of good in a way because Curtis might get a bit jealous! I’m glad none of the girls are taking Curtis on a date.”

The six Islanders head outside for their breakfast dates. And Ovie wants to know why India decided to choose him for some one-on-one time.

India replies: “Obviously, you’re very good looking. Body of a god! You’ve got the height and you’re funny.”

Ovie says: “I’m glad you picked me. You came to save the day!”

But after dating Chris and Ovie, who will India be pursuing a romantic connection with?

Over at Harley and Michael’s date, Harley says: “You’re the type of person I can see myself getting on really well with. And obviously, you’re not bad looking!”

Michael says: “It’s nice to be asked on a date by a very pretty girl. It doesn’t happen every day.”

Conversation soon shifts to Michael’s job as a firefighter. Harley asks: “Have you got a uniform?”

Could Michael be Harley’s hero?

Meanwhile, Maura is getting to know Greg over at their date. The pair talk about Maura and Curtis’ blossoming relationship.

Greg asks: “Could you see at any stage his head being turned again?”

Maura replies: “Anything could happen. I’d hope it wouldn’t but I can’t really call it.”

So what will happen?! Find out when Love Island airs at 9pm tonight on Virgin Media 2.