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The price of a pint of Guinness is going up next month

Aine Gillespie
Aine Gillespie

01:35 26 Mar 2024

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The price of some of Ireland's most popular beers is rising next month.

Diageo has announced a 6 cent increase to the cost of its products from April 15th.

The company makes beers like Guinness, Smithwick's and Hop House 13.

A Diageo spokesperson said: “We continue to experience rising input costs across our Irish business operations. In order to offset this, we have advised our on-trade customers that there will be an increase to the list prices on our full draught product range."

"This includes an increase of the equivalent of €0.06 per pint of Guinness and €0.09 on Guinness 0.0 and will take effect from 15th April’’

Publicans have described it as a "hammer blow" to the trade, following two increases last year.

The VFI is appealing to the public to understand the challenges facing their local pubs and to support them during these trying times.

VFI CEO Pat Crotty says, "We know our customers are in the middle of their own cost of living crisis so the last thing our members want to do is increase prices. Unfortunately most publicans will have to pass on this increase as it’s all but impossible to absorb given the rise in labour costs and other soaring charges."

“At the very least we are calling in Diageo to commit to no further increases in the price of a pint for the remainder of 2024.” 

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