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Slovakia's prime minister remains in a critical condition.

Oonagh O'Carroll
Oonagh O'Carroll

09:24 16 May 2024

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Pro-Russian Slovakian leader, Robert Fico is critically ill after being shot several times during a public event.

Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico during the press conference at Chancellery of the Prime Minister in Warsaw, Poland on 31 May 2017.

A man in his 70's was arrested at the scene.

Officials say the attack was "politically motivated".

Brano Zavodsky  from Radio Expres Europe in Slovakia outlines what they know about the suspect.

'According to police information, he is 71 years old, a writer, this man he had a weapon and why this happened in this moment, we don't know why this happened.'

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