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Supermac's win legal battle with McDonald's

Aine Gillespie
Aine Gillespie

12:41 5 Jun 2024

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Europe's highest court has ruled in favour of Supermac's in a legal battle with McDonald's.

The European Court of Justice ruled that McDonald's could not use the trademark when it came to poultry products. 

It said McDonald’s "has not proved genuine use (of the phrase ‘Big Mac’ with chicken products) within a continuous period of five years in the European Union in connection with certain goods and services". 

Back in 1996 McDonald’s trademarked ‘Big Mac’, but then in 2017 Supermac’s filed an application for revocation of that mark in relation to certain goods and services. 

Previously, Supermac’s was unable to expand to other European countries due to the trademark by McDonald’s. 

Founder of Supermac's Pat Mc Donagh is delighted with today's ruling:

"It probably won't change a lot but it does mean we can expand elsewhere with Supermac's, across the EU, so that's the big win for us today."

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