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The Government's being condemned for record high fuel prices.

Oonagh O'Carroll
Oonagh O'Carroll

09:28 22 Apr 2024

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The Government's being accused of fueling the cost-of-living crisis by taxing prices at the pumps.

The Rural Independent Group says its decision to restore excise duty will add over 200 euro to the annual fuel cost for motorists.

It's calling on the coalition to postpone the August rise in excise duty and reverse all other hikes.

Leader of the group, Deputy Mattie McGrath says the Government is raking in the cash from petrol.

'50 per cent of the fuel you buy now at the pumps is going to the Government tax, just think about that, 50 per cent of it will be going to this latest increase.  This is an awful figure and it shows the Government doesn't care about the ordinary person, doesn't care about the motorist and doesn't care about the economy and people going to work that serve in small business etc.'

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