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Taoiseach confirms the travel ban against Tori Towey has been lifted

Aine Gillespie
Aine Gillespie

01:11 10 Jul 2024

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Tori Towey has been told she's free to leave Dubai and return to Ireland.

The Taoiseach told TD's in the Dáil in the past few minutes that the travel ban on the 28-year-old had been lifted.

However, she still faces charges of attempted suicide and alcohol consumption after trying to flee domestic violence by her husband.

After approaching police in Dubai for help, she was told she was barred from leaving the country.

The woman originally from Boyle, Co. Roscommon moved to the city in the UAE as she was working for Emirates Airline.

The Detained in Dubai group says Ms Towey has suffered a "campaign of physical, psychological and financial abuse" at the hands of her South African husband, who she met through work.

In the latest incident, the group says, he jammed her arm in a bathroom door, slamming it repeatedly.

Detained in Dubai also says he threatened to kill her before ripping up both of their passports.

Simon Harris says the Irish embassy in the UAE are working to have the charges dropped:

"I've just been informed the travel ban has been lifted, the embassy will take Tori to the airport as soon as she is ready to go and the embassy of course will continue to follow the case which is still active as of now...and to thank the embassy for the work in relation to that."


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