Bra Facts We All Should Know



Oonaghversity has returned for another important lesson this week as Oonagh knocked us sideways with important facts about the ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’!


The Lifespan of a bra is far less than you think!

The average Life span of the bra is 6 months (yes you heard that right!) and if you wear the same bra every day – the shelf life  of the bra is reduced even further! Experts recommend rotating at least two bras which will extend their optimal shelf life to six months


When To Bin The Bra

  • You’ll know a bra has come to the end of its life if the band is stretched out.
  • If your bra straps are always falling off your shoulders, even when tightened to the max
  • Bra padding can wear out too.  If you see any sort of crinkle or a permanent crease in the padding, it’s time to bin it!
  • If the underwire has come loose and is digging in, it’s time to say bye bye.


How Often Should We Be Washing Our Bras

Experts claim women should be hand-washing their bras with every two to three wears and if you must use a washing machine, select ‘delicate cycle’ and avoid chucking your bras into the washing machine with a load of other heavy clothes. This will damage the underwire.


Ireland’s Oldest Bra?

Aidan and Oonagh spoke with iRadio listener Lydia who blew us away with her confession as to what her oldest bra is


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