The tradition is now everywhere, and the pressure is probably mounting if you have been assigned your “person” for Secret Santa.

The tradition involves members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they buy or make a gift for Christmas.

The whole idea is that the identity of the gift giver will not be revealed until after the gift has been opened.

Have you arranged Secret Santa this year among colleagues, friends or family?

Often a budget is set – in my case, this is set at €15 this year – so I’ve been doing some digging.

Here’s some ideas that might help:

1.Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit


Click here for details.

2. Monin Syrup Coffee Gift Set

Is your Secret Santa person a coffee lover?

Click here for details.

3. Gift Republic Grow Your Own Chocolate Flowers

Click here for details.

4. Anti-Bullsh*t Spray

Click here for details.

5. Fizz King Inflatable Crown

Click here for more details on this.

6. The Little Book of Cocktails

Click here for details.