Cat owner left red faced after...


Cat owner left red faced after pets rob neighbours of clothes and food

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

11:41 2 May 2023

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"It’s my cats and I can only apologise"

The term cat burglar has a whole new meaning for a woman in England, whose cats have been stealing from neighbours in Derby.

Donna Hibbert's cats, Harry and Luna, have brought home items such a baseball cap, sausages, slippers, socks and two sports bras.

"So my cats are thieves and have brought many objects through the cat flap over the years, a baseball cap, sausages, cat meat pouches, slippers, socks and even a shoe! Over the past 2 weeks they have brought me the pictured! I thought I best start posting the treats on here because somewhere there is someone thinking they have gone mad with misplacing things! You haven’t! It’s my cats and I can only apologise."

She's posted photos of the stolen items on Facebook, saying 'if the belongings are yours and you want them back, PM me'.

Since the story went viral, it's featured on news programs all over the world - but there's no word on whether the cat thieves have since struck again!

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